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If you are a vendor, a member of our featured company directory or an authorized contributing editor, then you may submit articles to the Reader's Submission page of repoindustry.com.

Feature Repossession Company members can author humorous or hair raising stories about repossessions that you have executed or an article sharing your expertise in the industry. Articles need to be at least 500 words in length and can include clear and appropriate photos to enhance the article's appearance. Attach your name, company name and contact details to the article. These articles will be informative and helpful to the readers of repoindustry.com and also demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the repossession industry. This will help to bring recognition to your company and result in more business for you.

The articles are subject to proofreading and editing for grammar, spelling and length.
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For vendors that are Featured Company members, your article content may include product information and stories on how the product was used by an agent in the field. You may also introduce new products as well. Feel free to include clear and appropriate photos that add to your article. These articles must be at least 500 words in length. You may attach your name, company name and contact details if you wish. This will bring exposure to your company and also allow readers to see your products expertise, value and need of the products you offer.

The articles are subject to proofreading and editing for grammar, spelling and length

Recent Articles by Our Readers

Wrting about your business can improve your business

Reader Submissions:

How to Maximize Profits with Forwarders
First and foremost, we must excel at two things: customer service & performance. All other facets of our business fall into one or the other. With the advent of multiple addresses and little to no front end work being done on the account by certain forwarders; it pays to find where the car IS NOT, before even assigning it into the field.   read more...

Learning to Read What People are Really Saying
This is a multi-part series that covers the basics of reading people and knowing when they are lieing to you. By perfecting these techniques over time you will learn new tricks like how to take the deception and turn it into information. In most conversation we have with people there are really two different dialogues going on at the same time and knowing how to tell them apart gives you an advantage.   read more...

Getting Your First Client
Repo companies obtain repossession orders from banks, credit unions, title loan companies, nationwide finance companies and sometimes by-here-pay-here car lots.   read more...

October Questions
It seems we have a lot of people coming to the site that are new to the auto repossession business. That is good because at least they are looking to gain some knowledge! We are getting a slew of questions emailed to us and we want to help our readers understand what it really takes to be a repoman.   read more...

How to Work Alone Without Being Alone
Most Repossession agents I know work with a second agent. The primary reason is, they believe it is safer, to have someone to watch their back, during a Repossession.   read more...

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