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This was my first time to attend a FLACARS convention and I have to say I was impressed! Everything was first class from the food, to the resort, to the seminars. There were seminars on proposed Florida legislative changes, fleet safety operations and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. LPR technology was presented by two vendors and there was also a collateral remarketing seminar. The highlight of the conference was an awesome skip tracing seminar, which was taught by Michele Stuart of Jag Investigations. You definitely need to attend one of her workshops if you want to learn the latest secrets on how to locate skips.

Playing Hard!

Do not let all the learning scare you away from attending a FLACARS convention. There was plenty of fun to go around as well. Besides the classes, they had open bar times that were sponsored by vendors, a Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament and a round of Repo Wars. Repo Wars is a driving contest that is judged by speed, safety and driving skills with cash and trophies presented as prizes. The last night consisted of an awards dinner where various prizes, including a 2011 Dynamic F450 being raffled off. I highly recommend you attend the next FLACARS Conference, if you can fit it in your schedule.

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