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Give Back to the Community

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Repossession Companys Can Donate To Many Worthy Causes

I do no think that I can neglect this area in the writing of articles on how to build a successful repossession company. I truly believe the statement “what goes around comes around”. If you are a dirty player and always out to hurt people, you will get it paid back someday. Those paybacks can really hurt. Being a business owner is a big responsibility in more ways that one. Sure it is difficult to manage employees, keep your trucks running, keep the clients happy, make sure the bills are getting paid and grow a business. All of that is all part of being an owner. One part that is easily forgotten is our responsibility to the community that we live and work in. We have a responsibility to not just take, but also to give back. There are many social programs, nonprofit companies and churches that desperately need people to care. There are many ways that you can invest in your community and the people that live there. In a sense, you are already investing by providing jobs for people that live in the community. Your employees have to work and get the job done in order to get a paycheck and I am not talking about that. I am talking about freely giving without expecting anything in return. It could be Toys For Tots, a local domestic violence shelter, a church that is having a vacation Bible school for children, or helping out at a pancake breakfast that the fire or police department is hosting. We all know that repossession companies have loads of property that is never claimed. You can give these items to the Salvation Army, or have a company rummage sale and donate the proceeds to your favorite charity or church. Often times there are community beautification projects that you can become involved by donating time or money.

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Rewards That Come With Giving

Most donations are tax deductible and are also excellent ways of making contacts and helping your business to grow. I built a rather large and successful repossession company. I made a lot of money and accomplished many great things with the repo business I used to own. It grew it from a tiny company that was run on a shoe string budget to a powerhouse repo company that had a lot of equipment, a large amount of work and a big profits. I was able to sell it to a large corporation and retire before I was 40 years old. I can tell you that this success came from a lot of hard work and a lot of long hours. It was also the result of business strategy, hiring the right people, choosing the right equipment and a whole lot of luck. However, I whole heartily believe that the number one reason that I was successful was because I gave back to my community. I donated time and money to local FOP’s, gave to local churches, bought groceries for families that I knew did not have food in there house and gave to many other worthy projects. We were also never out to gouge anyone with my towing or service prices. Often we did free or at cost tows for people that I knew did not have the money to pay the going rate. I can honestly say that I was never out to hurt anyone and I sleep good at night knowing that. There are more worthy causes in your community that you can possibly imagine. Just look around and talk to some of your cities leaders and you can easily find out where the needs are. Besides the tax right offs and the business contacts you make, there is nothing more satisfying than doing for others and not expecting anything in return, More often than not, the rewards for these things will be far greater than the ones where we are expecting something for what we do.

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